God’s Time

One thing technology has brought us is that we can do things in an instant: Once when one had to do research, one had to go to the library. Now, just go to the internet. Once it would take hours to prepare one’s favorite food, now just dial a number and order it. Once to send a memo to another office took days, now it takes seconds. 

Since we have bombarded ourselves with so many things, how many of us would say that time just goes by so swiftly. Hence, we could be consumed with so many things that we forget what is most important: God and the things that matter in life:

Hence in every Mass, we must realize that the most important thing in life is God’s timing. Three things to remember about it:

  1. God’s time is not instant. It is usually a process. It takes time just as a seed to a small plant to a tree takes time. Don’t worry though; God is faithful.
  2. God’s time is not only about me. Our point of view is only about ourselves. We forget that all our lives are intertwined. Hence, when God answers our prayers it is not only about me, it is what is best. Best not only for me but for others as well.
  3. God’s time is perfect. Often we ask, “Why does it take so long?”, “Does God hear our prayer?” or “Does God care?” The book of Ecclesiastes reminds us that everything has a time, everything has a reason and everything has a purpose under heaven.

Hence in every Mass, we bring our prayers to God fully confident that he will answer our prayers in His perfect time.

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