Turning Back the Clock

There was a survey done in the U.S. some time ago, for people 90 years old and above. The question that was asked of them: “If you had your youth to live by again, would there be anything in your life that you would change?” The top three answers were as follows:

  1. They should have loved and forgiven much more. The many things that they fought about and broke relationships really do not matter in the eyes of eternity. We came into this world with nothing and we are leaving this world with nothing. What is there to fight about?
  2. They should have prioritized relationships over success. Most of them made good money in their careers and professions, but something had to give: relationships. Again in the eyes of eternity, they should have opted for relationships. A 75-yr old study proved that the source of true happiness is relationships.
  3. They should have left something to be remembered by. Have I left this world a better place? Have I done my share in making this world a better place to live in? What will people remember me by? There is a saying that in the end, only three things matter: Kindness, kindness, and kindness.

At mass we gather to remember and pray for all our loved ones. Where they are now, someday we will also be. Hence, the challenge is to have a meaningful death, which can only happen if we have lived a meaningful life.

  • Love More, Forgive More
  • Giving Priority to Relationships
  • Do Something Beautiful to be Remembered by

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