Doubting Jesus

Since time immemorial, people have always doubted Jesus whether he is indeed the Son of God. Thomas doubted God and was told to reach out and put his hand into his side. Even disciples doubted when Jesus said that he was the bread that came down from heaven. When he was nailed on the cross, people shouted that if he was the Son of God, “Go save yourself.”

In the Gospel, people were doubting God and Jesus had to explain his relationship with the Father. To this day, people still doubt. Three reflections on doubting Jesus:

  1. Doubt is all part of faith. Is God really faithful? Does he ever exist? Does he care? Why is he silent? Why am I going through this crisis in life? These are the questions we ask ourselves. We do not just wake up one day and have full confidence in God. However, we have to open our eyes and minds because, in God’s time, He will answer these questions.
  2. Listen to the stories of others. Whenever I read a Mass offered in thanksgiving for answered prayers, I am encouraged in my own faith. Whenever I see people who are of strong faith despite all the trials, I am encouraged in my own faith. If God has answered your prayer, share it with others to give them strength.
  3. Faithfulness. Never be double-hearted. We say we are Catholics but we listen to fortune-telling and Feng Shui and rationalize that, “It won’t hurt.” We say we are Catholics but we have so many superstitious beliefs and rationalize that, “It won’t hurt.” We say we are Catholics but we do not respect others and even take advantage of them.

We thank God for the gift of faith planted by our parents. We pray that we may continue to hold on to God even when he seems silent. While doubt is indeed part of the deepening of faith, in His time, in His way, and His wisdom, He will show that He exists.

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