Wise and Foolish

If you wish to know what people are most interested in nowadays, just go online. 

Not too long ago, the top three most viewed on YouTube were:

  • No. 3 was a music video of Wiz Khalifa – See You Again
  • No. 2 was a music video of Ed Sheeran – Shape of You
  • No. 1 was a music video of Luis Fonsi – Despacito

In Google, the top 3 searches of 2018 were:

  • No. 3 was Mac Miller, an American rapper
  • No.2 was Avicii, a Swedish DJ
  • No. 1 was the World Cup

When in comes to books, the 2018 best sellers were:

  • No. 3 was Girl, Wash your Face, a self-help book
  • No. 2 was Magnolia Table, a cookbook
  • No. 1 was Becoming, by Michelle Obama. 

The Gospel often talks about who is wise in the world and who is foolish. We also remember that being wise in the world is different from being wise in the eyes of God, simply because the values of the world are very different from the Gospel.

Hence three things we much remember to be wise in the eyes of God:

  1. There is eternal life. We are only passing in this life. Certainly, while we are still here on earth, we need the things of the world: Food, Shelter, Clothing, Education, Human Rights. May we always be guided with what is important and what is fleeting. As human beings, we are both material and spiritual beings.
  2. Happiness. A study once showed that true and meaningful happiness is based on relationships: Love of God and neighbor as you love yourself.
  3. What we can bring to the next life: It is not what we have accumulated or saved, it is what we have given away. The words of Christ, “Whatever you have done to the least of your brethren…”

That is why as we go through life, we are reminded that life is full of choices. We can try to be wise in the world, but then again it is fleeting and passing. If we can be wise in the eyes of the Lord, that is permanent and forever.

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