Recognizing Jesus

Once I was asked to pick up a guest at the airport. Since I did not know him, I was told that he was Caucasian, a heavy build, we had the same hairline, and he was a priest. As soon as I got to the airport, it took no time for me to recognize him because the description was very accurate.

In discussing recognition in the Gospel, this was not the case with Elijah, who returned but was not recognized by the Jews. This is true also with Jesus, the Messiah, as he too was not recognized and that is why he was nailed to the cross. All the while they were waiting for a powerful warrior who would save Israel. 

In our everyday life, how do we get to know more of God:

  1. Prayer. Prayer is not only about asking God. It is about a relationship. When one is in a relationship, one knows the other party not only words but also in deeds; One knows the other party also by his likes and dislikes; One knows the character and traits of the other party. The same is true with God when we have a deep relationship with Him which happens with prayer.
  2. Testimonies of Other People. When we hear about how God has worked in other people’s lives through testimony, it not only inspires us but it also gives us the opportunity to know Him more. One of the realities of life is often that we get to know a person more when he or she passes away. Family, friends, officemates, and professional contacts share their experiences with the deceased with stories we do not know and have not heard. Thus, we get to know the person more through testimonies.
  3. His Word. Every moment we are confronted with decisions to be made. It is best to ask the question, “What Would Jesus Do?” When we get hurt, what would Jesus do? When life’s burden is too heavy, what would Jesus do? When life does not make sense, what would Jesus do? Hence, it’s very important to know God’s word in scripture and the teachings of the Church.

In closing let me share with you a quote from Randall Darby: “Our Purpose in life is to know God and make God known”. This can only happen through Prayer, Testimonies, and holding on to His Word.

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