Mary’s Birthday

Luke 4:31-37

People nowadays will comment that these times are full of fear, anxiety, and worry. Since many have lost their moral compasses, they do not know what is right or wrong. In fact, these times, the wrong is made right and the right is made wrong. 

We must not forget that behind the scenes is the greatest battle going on. It is SPIRITUAL WARFARE. Good versus evil; angels versus demons; God versus Satan. Satan’s agenda is to bring down the Church Christ founded and separate God from His Children. 

Hence after Adam and Eve sinned, the very first promise of God was to send the Messiah. How was the Messiah to be brought into this world? Through the womb of Mama Mary. Hence Mary is very much part of our salvation history.

With times like these three things we remember of Mary:

  1. At the wedding of Cana, Mary told the servants to “do whatever Jesus tells you.” Earlier, it was mentioned that we have lost our moral compass. Why? We have taken out God already. The truth is now based on what is convenient or what the majority wants or both.  Mary reminds us to do whatever Jesus tells us. After all, Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life.
  2. Mary Trusted God. When Angel Gabriel told Mary that she would bear a son through the Holy Spirit, Her words were, “How can this be, I have no relationship with a man.” Yet, she accepted this calling because she trusted God.
  3. She is our Mother. We all know that mothers are the prayer warriors of the family. It is true with Mary. We Catholics are so fortunate because we have a mother in heaven. “Pray for us sinners now and the hour of our death.”

We thank God for Mary. We recently celebrated the 100 years of Fatima and Mary. “In the end, my Immaculate Heart will triumph.” In other words, despite all the evil in the world, goodwill triumph. This can only happen if we hold on to God, trust His mysterious ways, and Pray unceasingly.

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