Love for Children

During the time of Jesus, he had a preferential option for the disadvantaged: the poor, women, the widow, the sinner, the prostitute, and yes, the children. Children during the time of Jesus were treated as second class citizens. Hence, they were closest to the heart of Jesus. That is why he scolded his apostles for hindering the children who approached him.

Nowadays, one of the most exploited sectors of society is Children. They are made to work; they are made to beg; they are prostituted; they are taught to sell drugs and do crimes, they are abused and they are even sold.

If this is what the children experience, they will bring the wounds with them until they grow old. What kind of society will we have?

That is why we pray:

  1. For the parents. God has trusted parents with their children. May they form them well. They are the only ones they could bring to heaven. Everything else, they leave behind. Nowadays, we know it is not easy to form the Children, especially because of the influence of social media versus busy parents.
  2. For the Church. May she continue to be the second home of Children. The Church is still the biggest charitable institution in the world. The parochial schools, orphanages, and catechists form the mind of the Children. 
  3. For the Government. May she continue to look after the welfare of the Children by ensuring their peace and safety, providing education and health services.

Thank God for the children. While there are children, we still have hope. They too are the most valuable resource of any country. 

In the Philippines, the average age is 23. Thank you for the children. Even if there are many challenges, there is still so much hope. Compare this to countries that look at Children as added cost, added responsibility and limitations to freedom. The population is graying and there is little to be optimistic about.

Treat Children well. God loves them.

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