Praising God in Difficult Times

I came across a story of a wife who prayed for a baby for more than two years. One day she received the good news from her doctor and in her excitement, she texted family and friends and all were happy for her. Four days later though, she knew something was wrong with the baby. Then the bad news came from the doctor – she had a miscarriage.

Of course, she asked, “Why?”
“Why give me a baby, only to take her away after four days?”
“Why was she given this joy, only to turn into mourning?”

In one of the most popular Gospels, Mary undergoes great difficulty. The angel told her that she would be the Mother of the Messiah. She would be pregnant through the Holy Spirit. Any normal woman would panic into a deep crisis, but what does she do in a difficult time? She praises God –
“My soul proclaims the goodness of the Lord.”

Three reasons why we praise God even when times are difficult:

  1. Difficult times have a reason and a purpose. For now, we feel the pain and the difficulty, but we do not know how it is affecting us and the people around us. Let us look back on our own past and recall the most difficult situation. What blessings came out of it? Remain hopeful that out of our greatest troubles, come our greatest blessings.
  2. Even in Difficult Times, there is so much to be grateful for. Of course, when we undergo difficult times the focus is on the hardship. However, the bigger picture is that there is still so much to be grateful for. To start with, the mere fact that we have life is already a blessing in itself. 
  3. We need to uplift our spirits. When we are down, the worst we can do is to fill our hearts with anger, worry, fear, or depression. On the flip side, we can stay positive by prayer, reading favorite bible verses, praying the rosary, hearing Mass, going to the Blessed Sacrament, playing uplifting songs, and joining with God-fearing people. 

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