It Will Always Be Better

There is a story of a flight in a storm, wherein the first announcement was to “wear your seat belts.”. Then it was announced that “food will not be served because of turbulence.” When the plane was experiencing rough movement, suddenly the oxygen masks dropped. To the gratitude of the crowd, the flight eventually became peaceful after half an hour. 

A gentleman who became frightened throughout the whole experience could not help but ask his seatmate, who was a small boy and who remained calm through the ordeal, “Were you not afraid through the storm?” The boy said he was not, and explained that “My father is the pilot and he will always get us through.”

My dear friends, the Gospel talks about what difference having faith in God can do: it can cure the sick and it can drive out demons. In our lives, three things FAITH can do:

  1. Faith reminds us that all happens for a reason and a purpose. When we experience storms in life, we usually ask God, “Why me?” Because God is good, it would be best to ask him instead, “What are you telling me in this situation.” Is the Lord teaching us to let go in times of losses? Is the Lord teaching us what is important in life in times of sickness? Is the Lord teaching us humility in times of failure? All happens for a reason and a purpose.
  2. Faith challenges us always to be HOPEFUL. Often we think that is the end of the road already with this problem, but it is only God who can say it is the end. Otherwise, when it is not the end, we just have to trust in his mysterious ways, mysterious times, and mysterious wisdom. Hence, be hopeful.
  3. Faith makes us recall. When we are going through a difficult time in our lives, we are challenged to recall. Recall the times when God was faithful in our lives. Recall how we thought it was the end of the line yet see how God works. Hence we remind ourselves that if God was faithful before, there should be no reason that he will not be faithful today and tomorrow. After all, Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

That is why when challenges confront us, let us hold on to faith. Three things we can do as people of faith:

  • God is just a prayer away. The peace and guidance he gives are valuable.
  • Look at the bigger picture. There is so much to be grateful for.
  • Be a blessing to others. It is then we realize that as humans we are never alone. We all have our crosses in life and we can help each carry other these crosses. Just have faith.

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