When Death Does Not Make Sense

Every now and then we go to a wake, we send our condolences to the family and yes, we hear of the circumstances of how a loved one passed away. Yes, there are stories wherein death does not make sense. It is mixed emotions in the case of saying goodbye to an old parent who has lived a full life. But when death comes in the most unexpected circumstances, we ask God, “why?”.

How do we say goodbye to someone we did not expect to say goodbye to? 

  1. Prayer and Grieving. There are so many questions that are running in our minds. Was there something I could have done? Was there something that I should have said? If only this and if only that. In the end, amidst our grieving, we trust the mysterious ways of the Lord, that after the words of Christ, “My God, my God, why have you abandoned me.” Fridays of life, Easter Sundays follows.
  2. Family and Friends. One of the greatest strengths in times of darkness are family and friends. The Irish have a saying that they double the fun, and they half the grief. While isolation is tempting, give your time to reach out to family and friends.
  3. We all have our crosses. What cannot break us will only make us stronger. Eventually in this life, you will come across parents who have lost their children in the most unexpected way. Be a good shepherd to them. The best healers are the wounded healers.

This Good Friday, let us especially pray for the victims and families of the COVID-19 virus. It is truly a time when death is feared by the world and we must come together as people. Kindness, support for our leaders, and most importantly…prayers and trust in God.

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