Fake News

Thanks to technology, it is so easy now to get information: Anything that is happening in the world, television can feature it; if you need to know certain information, just “Google” it; if you need to send information, just text or send an email. Indeed, while technology is very useful, it has its downside too. Due to the speed and scope of technology, spreading lies also has affected more and more people easily. Hence the term “fake news.”

In discussing “fake news,” we must realize that it has long been a part of humanity. During the time of Jesus, the soldiers said that his disciple stole the body from the tomb. They did not want the people to know that Jesus was truly resurrected. 

During one Christmas Mass, Cardinal Chito Tagle gave a homily and he talked about “fake news.” Three things it does to people:

  1. Fake news is a lie. Part of our trait as humans is truth. That is our being.  We are not people who are meant to lie. Notice that when we lie, our conscience tells us so. 
  2. Fake news hurts other people. Just think of the damage done when people are given fake news and actually believe it. It will only take a matter of time before more and more people are hurt.
  3. Fake news is not communication. Relationships are deepened when there is communication. Fake news to start with is not about communication. When people spread fake news, they don’t care about other people. Hence, there is no relationship. 

In the Mass, three things we remember:

  • Remember the saying: When money speaks, the truth keeps quiet.
  • The truth will always come out. The apostles and disciples were nobodies in the Jewish society versus the elders and soldiers. Yet, the truth still surfaced.
  • We are all challenged to fight fake news by bringing good news because Jesus is truly risen.

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