Luke 10:1-12

Every time we have a high school class reunion, we always remember our teachers: the strict one, the pretty one, the one who was like a brother, the one with mannerisms, the one who punished and the one that cried.

One interesting reflection was made by a batchmate who, when growing up, made it difficult for the teachers. He was always scolded and punished and in the process made some of his female teachers cry. Fast forward 30 years later and he has two kids. Just to teach them is already frustrating. He realized that he was only teaching two people. Then he remembered his teachers who taught not two, not twenty, not fifty, but hundreds of students every day. Imagine the sacrifice of the teachers.

In the Gospel, Jesus sends out seventy-two disciples. The number seventy-two is symbolic: The number of elders who helped Moses with the task of leading and the people in the wilderness was seventy-two; the number of the Sanhedrin, people meant to guide the people of Israel, was also seventy-two. In other words, the main role of the disciples was to GUIDE. 

One of the modern day disciples are teachers. Three reflections about them:

  1. If we can read and write, we thank our teachers. Parents were our first teachers but when we were growing up, almost 6 hours of the day were spent with teachers. We thank God for the knowledge that they have shared with us. 
  2. Teachers are like candles, they consume themselves only to light the path for others. It is only when we grow up that we realize the difficulties and all the sacrifices needed in teaching. Where do they get the strength to teach hundreds of students for many, many years? It must only come from the heart.
  3. Teaching is a legacy. If knowledge can change the world, hence the teachers are one of the most influential people in the world. Besides, these students eventually also teach their children when they grow up. Hence, the influence of the teacher never ends. 

In every Mass,

  • We thank God for our parents, they are the first teachers.
  • We thank God for all our teachers, for the knowledge, the sacrifice and their influence in our lives.
  • May God bless all teachers and may St. John Baptist De La Salle continue to pray for teachers.   

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