Most Blessed Among Women

When we see someone with a very nice car, very nice house, plenty of money and with many friends, we say that the person is blessed. On the other hand, when a person does not have any of this material wealth, we do not consider that person as blessed. Is being blessed a matter of having material wealth?

In one of the most popular Gospels, the angel Gabriel greeted Mary as “Most blessed among women.” But then again, Mary did not have any material wealth to speak of. In fact, she was in a crisis – she was made a mother of the Messiah. A very, very huge responsibility. Why then was she considered “Blessed?”

Mary was considered blessed for three reasons:

  1. God chose her to be the Mother of Jesus. When Adam and Eve sinned, the very first promise was the Messiah. God never forgot his promise. At the appointed time, He brought His only begotten Son to the world through a “Woman.” That Woman is none other than Mary. 
  2. She Trusted God. Mary would be pregnant because of the Holy Spirit. Certainly she was filled with fear when she heard this. How do I explain to Joseph? How do I explain to my parents, Joakim and Ana? How I do I explain to my relatives and neighbors this pregnancy. But despite this many questions, she said “Yes.” Be it done to me according to your word.
  3. She was loved by Jesus. The first miracle of Jesus was because of Mary. In the wedding that ran out of wine. Because of Mary’s intercession, Jesus turned water into wine. Further, at the foot of the cross, one of the greatest concern of Jesus was Mary. He even asked his beloved disciple John to take care of Mary.

My dear friends, if you look at the life of Mary, three things we remember.

  • Just as God has a calling and mission for Mary, God has a plan for each of us. May we all find that mission and be faithful to it.
  • Life is not easy. We can find ourselves in a very difficult situation, but instead of getting angry, we can continue to hold on to and trust God.
  • The world is little by little taking away Jesus. Like Mary, may we continue to love Jesus, His Church, His Words and His teaching. We must never forget that He is the only way to the Father. 

 Whether rich or simple lives, may we be truly blessed by trusting God; being faithful in our calling and loving Jesus.

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