Many years ago there was tension between the Philippines and Hong Kong because of the killing of the Hong Kong tourists in Luneta. When emotions were high, there was a Hong Kong journalist who wrote an article about our country being a “Nation of Servants.” Certainly, he was not only referring to the Filipina servants in HK but in the Middle East, Europe, America, and Asia. Perhaps he was referring to the millions of Filipinos abroad who get jobs that the locals would not like to get. While the article meant to put down the Filipinos, the Gospel reminds to hold our head high. The greatest are those who serve.

Hence, three things about service:

  1. All of us are called to serve. The higher the position, the greater the call to serve. A boss is different from a leader. The leader serves, while the boss is served. 
  2. The basis for Life Eternal is Service. At the end what matters is how we touched other people’s lives: When I was hungry did you give me something to eat; thirsty did you give me something to drink; naked and you clothe me; sick and in prison and you visited me. 
  3. God sees all, Especially Service from the Heart. Why are the Filipinos very much appreciated even abroad? They served from the heart. When one serves for the heart, the person feels that he is human. Otherwise, he are treated like objects. 

In every Mass, three things we remember:

  • Like the two disciples, do not be ambitious. You will pursue things that do not last, at the expense of the others.
  • Never be envious of others. If they seem to have more than us, there is a plan and a purpose. 
  • All of us can be great by following Christ. He said, that “I came to serve and not to be served.” Indeed we are a nation of servants, a nation of great people in the eyes of God!

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