Planting Kindness

Matthew 13:1-9

What do Apple, Amazon, Google, Harley Davidson, and Disney have in common? They are just five of several famous companies that started in a car garage. If you talk to the founders, none of them ever thought that from humble beginnings, their start-up would eventually become billion-dollar companies. Moral of the story: it is not about where you start, it is where you end up. 

This is perhaps one of the key lessons in the Gospel as well. The words of God are planted in our lives as seeds. It is up to us what to do with the seeds. The challenge is how do we end up having fruitful lives: 30-fold, 60-fold, and 100-fold?

Three reflections:

  1. Remember it is God who placed us in this world because He has a purpose for each and every one of us. For us to be able to fulfill this purpose, He has not only given us time, talent and treasure, He too has given us His Word to guide us in this life. God is the creator, hence His Words are instructions for life. 
  2. He respects free will. That is, while His plan and His Words are for what is best for us, He respects our decision. But then again, all our actions and decisions have corresponding results and consequences.
  3. The end-goal of life is not to accumulate. We came to this world with nothing and we are leaving this world with nothing. Bearing fruit is all about touching lives of people and making a difference in their lives.   

In this life, we realize that many things start small. On one hand, how come there are people who can steal billions of pesos? They started small. From thousands, it became hundreds of thousands, from hundreds of thousands, it became millions. It just grew bigger from there.

On the other hand, how do people become generous and giving? It started small. Then the because of joy, blessingsm and peace, it just became bigger and bigger and bigger. 

The choice is ours. What kind of seed do we want to grow? 

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