What Matters In Life

Matthew 10:37-42

One thing on my bucket list is the Pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela or the Camino de Santiago. I have stories of people doing at least 100 km of walking for days. In the many stories that I have heard, I realize that each person has his or her own pace when walking. Hence at some point in time, groups break up only to meet at a designated location. 

Since life is a journey itself, we have our own pace in life. Hence, people come and people go. Some move ahead, some are left behind, and for some, it is the end of the journey. 

That is why in the Gospel of Matthew, we are made to realize what is really important in life. Family is indeed very important. How many parents would do anything and everything for their children? On the other hand, how many children would post on FB during Father’s Day or Mother’s Day that they miss their parents so badly? Yet one day, we will all say goodbye to each other.

Hence in our pursuit of happiness and meaning, Jesus reminds us to put God first. Why God?

  1. Aside from God, all things are fleeting and passing. When it comes to material things, we forget that we came into this world with nothing and we are leaving this world with nothing. Further, while relationships are very important, we must remember that there is a time for hello and a time for goodbye. In all of this reality only God is constant.
  2. It is in Giving that we Receive. “Whoever loses his life for my sake will find it. What is lost in the eyes of the world? It is when you give away something?” It could be time. “Why do you have to go to Mass? Why do you have to serve in Mass?” It could be money. “Why give to charity or to the Church when we have bills to pay?” It could be our talent. “With that talent, we could be rich but why are you serving the poor?” God reminds us that He or She who gives to the poor lends to God. And God cannot be outdone in generosity.
  3. We are all Prophets. Prophets are meant to announce the good news. If we live virtuous lives and if our values are the values of the Gospel, indeed we become good news to others. 

Hence, in this life, which is short and uncertain, we pray that it be a meaningful journey; Be grateful because everything we have is only lent to us; Be generous especially to those who have less in life; and in the world that highlights the negative and tragic news, may our lives be good news.

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