After the blessing of a house, and on my way out, I noticed a 4-story building that was rundown near the property. I got surprised because the community was very progressive. I asked what happened to the building, “Why are the owners not taking care of it?” She gave a history of the building: A son was able to get the title of the building and was able to change the title to his name without the parents’ consent. Out of anger, the mother cursed the building that it will never be a blessing to the son. It has been more than 20 years and indeed the son was never able to make something of the building. Tenants come and go and do not stay for a long time. 

I am sure when it comes to properties, inheritance, and money, we have heard so many stories. Many times we cannot believe what a parent will do to the children, the children to their parents and one sibling to another. 

The story of the prodigal son has money, inheritance, and property for its background. Whether we took advantage of family, or we got a raw end of the division of the properties, we remember three things when it comes to inheritance and money:

  1. They are a bonus or a gift. The money, the property, the inheritance came from our parents. It was their blood, sweat, and tears. Whatever we get from them, consider it a bonus or a gift. Whether it comes or not, we should be having our own livelihood. Whether it comes or not, God has given us our own time, talent and treasure. Use it.
  2. They will never bring us happiness. Sure, material things may entertain us. But it never stops when it comes to material things. After one house, it is the next house that is desired. After one watch, the next watch is desired. After one jewelry, the next one is desired. On the other hand, true happiness is about having deep and meaningful relationships. 
  3. They will all be left behind. We came into the world with nothing and we are leaving this world with nothing. Often times, it takes hitting rock bottom or chronic sickness, or a broken relationship to realize the proper place of money, inheritance, and properties in a person’s life.

Hence, because of fighting over money, inheritance and property, we pray for forgiveness: 

  • If we took advantage of others, may we have the humility to ask for forgiveness;
  • If family took advantage of us, may we forgive even if our family is not asking for forgiveness. It is for our own benefit.
  • If we valued property, inheritance, and money over family, may we always be reminded that the more important things in life cannot be counted.

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