The Power of Prayer

Matthew 7: 9-11

Whenever we see a friend who has lost a lot of weight, created a booming business, or has had a health-related recovery, we often say, “teach me how you did it.”

“Teach us how to pray,” were the words of the Apostles to Jesus. They must have seen how powerful and significant prayer was in the life of Jesus! In fact, in the first reading, we are reminded how wonderful and powerful prayer is for other people. In the second reading, because nothing is impossible with God, prayer is indeed very powerful.

In the Gospel, there are many things that can be learned about prayer, but three things I would like to focus on:

  1. Prayer is personal – When Jesus called God, “Abba!” The Jews were shocked. All the while they saw God as an angry God, hence so many offerings. But here is Jesus telling people that God is a God of who is a Father. We know fathers, they would do everything and anything for their children!
  2. Pray with Persistence – The imagery of a friend getting up late night to do a favor for another friend even when it is inconvenient reminds us not to lose hope in prayer. Be persistent as there are so many things to pray for to the Lord. 
  3. Trust God in prayer – “Will you give your son a snake when he prays for a fish? Or a Scorpion when he prays for an egg?” In other words, the Lord’s ways are not our ways, His timing is not our timing, nor his wisdom is not our wisdom, yet he knows what is best! Thus, the challenge to trust him.

In closing, someone once said, “If you wish to see the power of prayer, just ask our mothers!”

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