Don’t Lose Hope

John 11: 1-45

Once in a group conversation, we were talking about the great of a menace drugs. How so much of the population is into it. Then someone in the group added, “Remember, we are only talking about illegal drugs. How many people are into prescribed drugs? How many people take prescribed drugs due to anxiety, fear, depression, sadness and worry?”

If you think about it, many problems in the world have a spiritual component. As human beings, since we are both physical and spiritual, so are the issues confronting us. In other words, the drug problem has a spiritual component to it – hopelessness. Because people lack hope, they either want to escape from it or numb the pain.

Hence, the message in the gospel is very important. We hear of Jesus bringing back Lazarus even if he was four days dead. By being dead four days, the message of the Gospel is that Lazarus was as dead as he can be. But what does Christ do? He raises Lazarus. What is the message? Never ever lose hope in life.

Three things we remember about hope:

  1. With the Lord nothing is impossible. We only think of what we can do, and when we are confronted our limitations suddenly sinks in. How often do we forget the words of God, “I got you covered!” He is the creator, hence nothing is impossible.
  2. God has a better plan. In the book Purpose Driven Life, we are reminded that God has a plan for each and every one of us. Hence, if things to do not work out, it is only because God has a plan, a much better plan. Let it unfold amidst the disappointments in life.
  3. Hope is free but despair can cost you. Life, it is said, is about attitude. Some see a baby as an added cost, added limitation, and limitation to freedom. On the other hand, a person with hope sees a baby as God’s miracle. As long as there are babies, society has reasons to be hopeful.

In closing let me share with you the prayer of St. Francis

Be at Peace.

Do not look forward in fear to the changes of life; rather look to them with full hope as they arise.

God, whose very own you are, will deliver you from out of them.

He has kept you hitherto, and He will lead you safely through all things;
and when you cannot stand it, God will bury you in his arms.

Do not fear what may happen tomorrow; the same everlasting Father who cares for you today will take care of you then and everyday.

He will either shield you from suffering, or will give you unfailing strength to bear it.

Be at peace, and put aside all anxious thoughts and imagination.

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