Like Father, Like Son

John 5: 17-30

How many of us think that God is a God who is angry? I go to Mass because otherwise, bad luck might be experienced in my personal life, in my family life or in my professional life. Or if I experience misfortune, it is only because of my sins in the past. God is getting even at me.

This, too, was the belief of the Jews. Because God is an angry God, they have different kinds of offerings in their religion only to appease God: crop offering, animal offering, burnt offering, etc.

With this wrong impression, Jesus changed the minds of people when he said that those who have seen him have seen the Father. If he is kind, merciful and loving, it is only because His Father is kind, merciful and loving.

How do we see God’s kindness every day?

  1. Say thank you. Many times, we forget how blessed we are because we are consumed with so many things. When you wake up, thank God for 5 things and before sleeping, thank God for 5 things again. One will realize how blessed one is.
  2. The true things that count in life. We always measure blessings based on material things. We forget that what is most important are the things that cannot be counted: RELATIONSHIPS. Never take for granted relationships.
  3. For God so loved the world that He gave His only Son. The promise of God: I will never leave you nor forsake you.

That is why in the Mass, whatever happens to us, whether it brings us joy or difficulty, we must realize that there is a reason and a purpose. This is only because God is good. This we have seen in the life of Jesus.

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  1. eva jervoso says:

    Thank you Fr. Mon for celebrating the last Sunday of August mass with us at MSHJ Namayan.
    Your homily is worth listening to.
    Your words let go of the pain and forgiveness prevails.
    Thanks for the enlightenment.


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