The Lord is my Shepherd

John 10: 1-10

In the Middle East, one of the most visible people in the countryside is the Shepherd (Pastol). Being a shepherd is considered one of the oldest professions, about 5000 years old. Most shepherds were usually men and not married because they had to go to one place to the other. 

When Jesus said that He was the “Good Shepherd,” five things we should remember:

  1. Jesus is Good. The Bible says that he is like you and me except for one thing, He did not sin. Further, He has one desire: that we go to God.  He will always point us to God- “His will and not my will.”
  2. Jesus Protects. People would always ask if God is good, why is there evil? Jesus himself experienced evil when he was nailed to the cross. But it did not end there. Easter Sunday followed. 
  3. Jesus Guides. God is the author of life. He made each one of us with a plan and mission in mind. Hence, he will guide us in this journey called life so that we may find meaning and fulfillment 
  4. Jesus Nurtures. For one to be a good shepherd, one has to have a caring heart. While it is not easy to take care of 100 sheep, deep down in a shepherd’s heart, each is important. Hence Jesus said that he is willing to leave the 99 sheep behind to find the lost one.  
  5. Jesus Loves. The greatest love: He is willing to lay down his life for his sheep. Hence when we see the cross we should be reminded of the greatest love. 

The sheep may not be the most intelligent of all animals, but it should not fear, as there is always the Shepherd. We human beings, despite all the advancement, still do not know it all. We, too, should not fear, as Jesus is our good shepherd.

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