Truly Alive

Luke 24: 35-48

When someone passes away, for some, they wish that they would be able to talk or see their loved one. “Magparamdam man lang,” would be the desire. But others, would say, “Huwag kang magparamdan, ipagdadasal kita.” Why is this so? Many of us have fear of ghosts.

Certainly, for the Apostles, they wanted to see Jesus. He was always saying that he would rise from the dead. Further, they have been hearing news that He is truly alive. Hence, in the Gospel today, amidst the fear of the apostles, he showed himself. 

When Jesus showed himself, what was interesting was that he had to show his hands and feet. And why is this so? To show the apostles that the wounded body of Jesus was the one that indeed resurrected. In other words, despite the resurrection, the wounds are very much present. 

My dear friends one beautiful reflection of the Gospel is the reality of wounds in our lives, just as it is a reality for Jesus. Three reflections on wounds:

  1. Wounds are part of our humanity. All of us get hurt. All of us have wounds: some emotional, some physical, some spiritual, some psychological. 
  2. While all Wounds Heal, it will Forever Leave a Mark. It is said that the most painful of all wounds are the ones we experienced during childhood. How could we have defended ourselves when we were so vulnerable then? A beautiful book that could be read is “Healing the Child Within.” While healing of wounds is very much possible with the grace of God, it does leave a mark forever.
  3. Turn Wounds into Wisdom.  It is said that the best teacher in life is experience. The best situations to learn from are the wounds and hurts of life. Often, these lessons go straight to the heart. 

In this Mass, we celebrate the Resurrection of Christ despite the wounds he experienced. Despite the wound that we have, may we rise with Christ. After all, life does not end on the cross.

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