Doing My Father’s Will

Whenever I officiate a wedding, I always remind that newly wedded couple that when they have children of their own, two things will cross their minds:

  • The many acts of kindness, generosity, sacrifices, and forgiveness of their parents
  • Dad was right after all, mom was right after all. Their words, their advice, their teachings, their sermons, many of which were so hard to understand and in fact, we rebelled against. But there comes a point in our lives when we realize that our parents only wanted the best for us – the will of our parents

In the Gospel, Jesus talks about the will of the Father. Anyone who does such is considered family to Jesus.

How then do we do the will of the Father in our everyday lives?

  1. Purpose – All of us are in the world because we have a purpose and a mission. If we are faithful to this mission, look at the many lives that are blessed. The blessing also comes back to us. Yes, this is the will of the Father for us. But on the other hand, if we are not faithful to the purpose in life, we negatively affect other people.
  2. Word of God –Jesus said that “I came that you may have life and life in all its fullness.” By doing what is right, we follow the will of the Father. The word of God guides us in doing what is right. God, after all, is the author of life.
  3. Eternal Life – This is the will of the Father that no one should perish. Saint Philip Neri once said, “Treat this day as the first day of your life, and you will always be grateful.” Then he added, “Treat this day as the last day of your life, and you will realize what is important.” Knowing that nothing is forever, gives us a better perspective in life.

Life is a choice, it is either my will or the will of the Father.

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