From Waiting to Joy

Luke 3: 10-18

One of the most difficult realities in life is waiting. We do not want to wait. Our time is wasted, we should we doing something else. Also when we wait we become restless (di mapakali), irritated (irritado), angry (galit), worried (balisa), tired (pagod) and also fearful (takot). Often when waiting is over we say, “Hay Salamat.” The emotions now become that of joy.

Today we celebrate Gaudete Sunday, Sunday of Joy. Why Joy? John the Baptist was waiting for the Messiah and in the Gospel, he discovers that the waiting is over. Hence the emotion is that of joy!

That is why one lesson we can learn from the Gospel is to be more accepting of the many waitings in life. Three reasons for what waiting does to us.

  1. Waiting makes us patient. There are many benefits of patience. For one, we have better human relationships. Who wants to be friends with a hot-head? Who wants to talk to an impatient person? On the other hand, a patient person is always at peace. There are many troubles one avoids when one is patient.
  2. Waiting and Trust. “Lord, why is the answer taking so long?” When we pray often we want the answer immediately. But God’s ways are different and so is His time and His wisdom. That is why waiting makes us trust God. After all, only He can we trust.
  3. Waiting for what we value. John the Baptist loved God and followed His will. That is why he was able to wait for the Messiah.

What is most important for us? If our boyfriend or girlfriend is most important for us, then we are willing to wait.

What is most important to us? We cannot have it immediately, otherwise, we will not value it.

That is why in this Mass we realize that there is so much to gain when we wait. Thus we remember the saying, “everything happens has a time, a purpose, a reason under heaven.

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