Matthew 4: 1-11

When applying for employment, there is always a period of probation. It is during the probation that a person is tested. Will this person be a good employee? Can the person do the job? Can the person get along with other people? It is also a period of testing.

The number 40 in the bible is for 40 days and nights. Jesus had to do this before He would start His ministry. Consider this a period of testing.

What were the three things He was tested with?

  1. Survival. He was hungry and thirsty for 40 days and what does the devil tease him with?  – Food. How does He deal with this temptation? He tells us that there are more important things than food. It is the Word of God. Why then will he fall for the less important?
  2. Instant. Jesus was tested with the instant. The devil tells Jesus, “If God is God then he will answer your prayers immediately!” How does He deal with the temptation? He knows His Father can be trusted. At any the given time, at any the given manner, He will answer the prayer. God knows what is best.
  3. Material Things. Who is not fascinated by a nice house, a nice car, money in the bank, fame, and fortune? How does He deal with this temptation? Jesus knows that these things are fleeting, we came into this world with nothing and we are leaving this world with nothing. On the other hand, only God should we serve because he alone is faithful!

In this Mass, three things we remember

  1. The devil is real and his goal is to remove us away from God.
  2. He knows our weakness. Do we know our weakness? Otherwise, we will just continue to fall and fall.
  3. Every moment of our lives, the grace of God will always be there. Mama Mary is always praying for us and each of us to have a guardian angel.

A person of Character is born out of resisting temptation.

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