John 6: 30-35

There is a saying that we human beings have what is called, “unlimited wants.” After one house, there is the desire for the next house; after a new cell phone, the desire for the next phone; after taking advantage of a sale, one waits for the next sale. Eventually, we get to ask ourselves, how many houses do we really need? How many shoes and clothes should we have? How much money should we have in the bank? That is why how beautiful were the words of Christ, “I am the bread of life; whoever comes to me will never hunger.”

My dear brothers and sisters, we must realize that in this life we cannot live only on “bread” or in other words, on material level only. We should live with “bread from heaven” or with spirituality as well. This is the key to contentment or “never shall go hungry.”

  1. Gratitude. Regardless of whether rich or poor, when one is grateful, contentment follows. If you think about it, the needs of man are pretty much simple. The basic needs of life are simple.
  2. The things that matter cannot be counted. Faith, hope, love, sacrifice, friendship, forgiveness, empathy are the many things that cannot be counted yet these are the things that go straight to the heart.
  3. Fear of the Lord. When a person has God in his or her life, the decisions, the way of life, the relationships are different. As the Psalms says, “The holy fear of the Lord is the start of wisdom.”

In this Mass, we realize that as a human person, we are composed of Body and Soul. The needs of the body are fleeting, the needs of the soul are what really matters in life – the Bread that came down from heaven.

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