Letting Go

Mark 10: 28-31

It is said that life is like an echo, what you sow comes back to you and very much often, many times over. 

As a priest for 12 years, this is one thing I notice about people who help out. His blessings will always return and comeback. When I was in the seminary, a gentleman helped us with landscaping the garden and fixing the building. He offered his services for free and with a passion. Many months later, he shared that the Lord has been blessing his food business. Indeed, “He cannot be outdone in generosity.”

This is what Jesus reminded Peter who claims to have left everything for God and the Gospel.

My dear friends when we help others and when we help the Church, three things we should remember how God blesses us:

  1. He blesses us with Joy. When we help others, we make other people happy. And since all our lives are interconnected, when others are happy, happiness comes back to us.
  2. He blesses us with Material Possessions. Since we are only stewards of God’s blessings, everything that we have is only lent to us. As a Father who always provides, the Lord will not have second thoughts blessing people who knows how to bless other people.
  3. He blesses us with GRACE to withstand the challenges of life. How we wished that our life would be challenge-free. But then again, that is furthest from reality. The Lord promises strength to face the many challenges of life. Simply put, if a person is a blessing to others, life has ways of returning the blessings to that person not only through material blessings.

As human beings, we can be so “siguristas.” We will only give when we know there is something to receive. But when we give to God, his Church and to the less fortunate, the return is unbelievable blessings in this life and in eternal life.

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