Change of Fortunes

Matthew 27: 11-54

There this saying that life is “weather-weather” lang. Just look at the weather, at times it is quiet, there are times that it is stormy. There are times it is dark, there are times it is bright. There are times it is dry and there are times it is wet. There are times it is hot and there are times it is cold.

Certainly, we have experienced this is in our lives. One day we are on top of the world and in the next few months we are hitting rock bottom.

Today we celebrate PALM SUNDAY, the start of the holy week. Jesus was warmly welcomed to Jerusalem and he was hailed as king. Today he is on top of the world. But Jesus knew that this is not forever, in a few days the crowd will be shooting a different message, “CRUCIFY HIM.” Jesus knew that in a few days, his passion and death will become a reality.

In a life where nothing is certain, three things Jesus did that we can do:

  1. Trust that God has a plan. Jesus knew that death is just around a corner, and this can be very difficult. Think about a patient who was told by the doctor, no more cure, we will just manage the pain and just three more months to live. Certainly, fear will become part of life, but Jesus did not forget the bigger picture. God has a plan and it is what is best.
  2. Pray. When one hits rock bottom, either many things enter our mind or our mind goes blank. Hence, the most logical thing to do is PRAY for guidance, for God’s presence, and for the peace that is beyond human understanding.
  3. Forgive. Who do you blame when things do not turn out right? Not one person did Jesus blame during his passion. In fact, his very words, “Father, forgive them for they do not know what to do.”

In this Most Holy Week, we realize that Christ was not exempted from hitting rock bottom in life. Certainly, he was not exempted from the emotional pain of being betrayed, denied and mocked. Neither was he exempted by the physical pain. Yet what got him through? God has a plan, Pray and Forgive. We will have many times this week when we are invited to reflect on God’s plan for us: pray and forgive.

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