Dealing with Failure

Luke 24: 13-35

We all either admire or are envious of successful people. But whether we are envious or full of admiration for a person, one thing is sure – that person is good at what he or she is doing. How did he get to be that good in the field he or she has chosen?

If you read the stories of all the successful people, there is one common denominator – failure. All of them either have dealt with a series of failures or one huge failure. BUT it did not stop there.

In the Gospel today, two disciples felt they were failures. After giving their lives to Christ and thinking that he was the Messiah they were all waiting for, suddenly on a Good Friday, He was nailed to the cross. They put their trust in Jesus and they felt as though they had failed.

How do we move on from failures?

  1. Failure is a part of life. Life is not perfect and we are not perfect. Also, nothing is sure in this world. And yet, we all have to take risks – sometimes we win, sometimes we lose. Show me someone who has not experienced failure and I will show you someone who has not tried at all in life.
  2. The best lessons to be learned are during times of failures. Each person has a valuable lesson to teach in life which is perhaps the key to their success. But if you ask the person how did he or she learn this lesson, chances are, it was in the most difficult time of their lives. How can we forget the lessons we have learned in the most difficult times of our lives?
  3. God knows what is best. When we don’t succeed or when we deal with failure, did we ever consider that God is telling us something? Did we ever consider that he is guiding us to his plan, which might better? Had Jesus not died on the cross and resurrected, how will the disciples ever learn never to lose hope because God is always with us, as in the road to Emmaus? And, he is alive, as reminded to us by the resurrection.

God’s ways are different from ours. When we feel that we have failed just remember that the Lord is always with us. He will never abandon us – always be hopeful. After Good Friday, Easter Sunday follows.

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