Unhappy People

Luke 13: 10-17

In our many relationships, there are people that we encounter who are not happy with life. We call them “unhappy” people. The thing with unhappy people is that they, too, want people to be unhappy. Someone has a new house, what do they say, “Utang naman yan.” Someone gets promoted, “Sipsip kasi yan.” Someone wins a prize, “Pangit na klase yan.”

If one analyzes why there are “unhappy” people, the major contributor is envy. When one is envious of other people’s blessing, they can never be happy for other people.

In the Gospel today, Jesus healed a woman who was afflicted by a spirit for 18 years! Instead of rejoicing at her healing, the Pharisees were envious. Hence, they found fault in the miracle. “It is Sabbath and healing is not allowed,” so they said.

My dear friends, three things we can do to ensure that envy does not enter into our lives:

  1. Looking at our Hearts. It all starts from the heart. Should there be hurts and pains, the challenge is to let go and move on. After all, life is short and swift. When we forgive, we are the first beneficiary.
  2. Contentment and Gratitude. Whether in plenty or in simplicity, there is still so much to be grateful. Hence, when it comes to people’s blessing, it differs according to the vocation and the calling. When the Lord blesses a person, there is a reason and a purpose. On the other hand, when the Lord does not bless a person, there is a reason and a purpose as well.
  3. Finding our True Joy. This can only happen when we find our true calling in life and be faithful to it. When we find our “place in the sun,” blessing others comes naturally and the joy of blessing others comes back to us.

That is why in this Mass we must remember that God answers all our prayers in His time, His Wisdom and His way. With this reality, there is nothing to be envious in life. May we rejoice with other people in their good fortune and may we empathize with people in their misfortunes in life.

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