Better than Sacrifices

Mark 12: 28-34

Every Holy Week, we come across people who would make the extreme sacrifice of going through the Passion and Death of Christ. Yes, they have themselves nailed on the cross. Year in, year out, the reasons are the same: “They want to show their love for God.”

While this is truly noble, in the Gospel today Jesus reminds his disciples that if you want to show your love for God, it has to be shown by how we love our neighbor.

Three things we can show to love our neighbor:

  1. Random act of kindness: Every day we encounter different people. Many may look familiar, much more we do not know at all. But look at what showing kindness can do – it makes a person’s day. When one makes another happy, the happiness returns.
  2. Presence: We live in a world that is little by little becoming impersonal. You need money, it is the machine that will assist you; You want your phone fixed, it will machine that will take your complaint. You have a query, just send an email. You want to say hello, just send a text. Hence, especially in these times, presence is most important and much, much appreciated.
  3. Vocation. All of us have our own mission in life while we are still here on earth. If we are faithful to this vocation/mission/purpose, we bless other people, we contribute to society and we make this world a better place to live in.

My dear friends, in this Mass, we continue to show our love for God by being a good neighbor – Random acts of kindness, Presence, and Faithfulness to Vocation.

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