Anger in the Heart

Matthew 5: 20-26

There is a saying that never make decisions when one is very emotional: very happy, very sad, very frightened and also very angry.

How often have we seen on TV an alleged killer repentantly saying that the only reason he did such an act was because he was very angry.

Hence, in the Gospel, Jesus reminds us to check our heart of anger. Three things we remember if not handled properly:

  1. Words said when angry may be forgiven, but not forgotten. Hence the challenge to watch words. Better yet, just be quiet when emotional so that there will be nothing to regret.
  2. The Best fighter is never angry (Lao Tzu). This is very visible in sports. Look for the star player and look at how the opponents try to make him angry.
  3. The first person to be affected by an angry person is the person himself/herself. When a person is angry, the emotions are affected, the body is affected and so is the spiritual life affected.

In this Mass, we are challenged to look into our hearts. The sources of anger are unforgiveness, envy, and resentment. We ask the grace of God for us to have a clean heart. This only can be done through forgiveness.

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