A Reason to be Hopeful

Matthew 6: 24 -34

Nick Vujicic is a person born without arms and legs. In the eyes of the world, he is considered “useless.” He, too, had to deal with depression, anger, and resentment. He, too, prayed with faith that the Lord would give him arms and legs. What the Lord gave him instead was a hope.

One day, he asked himself, could he go on and on and live with this negative emotion with what he does not have or could he be hopeful and thankful with what he has? This was the spark that he needed in life.

Today he is one of the most sought after motivational speaker and Christian preacher in the world. He spoke to millions of people offering them something very important in life – HOPE!

Where does this hope come from?

In the Gospel, Jesus reminds us that to deal with the many anxieties and worries in life, we need hope. Three reasons why God is the source of hope.

  1. With God, nothing is impossible. Jesus reminds us that we cannot have two masters – God and mammon. Experience tells us that while money is very important, it is limited. It comes and it goes. It, too, loses value. On the other hand, with God, nothing is impossible.
  2. God has a plan. As human beings, we are always trying to figure out life. The problem, we are limited. On the other hand, God is the author of life, and the reason we are here on earth is that the Lord has a plan. If only we are faithful to the plan of God, we realize that we will not be wanting. When the Lord calls, he will surely provide.
  3. God is Good. Often we forget to count our blessings. Either we are busy counting other people’s blessings or busy living in the past or in the future. If only we live for today, we realize the many blessings of God.

That is why in life is like the weather. Sometimes it is sunny and bright, at times it is dark and stormy. Hence, let us always live with hope. The best way to deepen that hope is through prayer.

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  1. ellem63 says:

    Reblogged this on Contemplations and commented:
    Nick Vujicic was born with Tetra-amelia syndrome, that is an absence of all four limbs. These days, he is a worldwide-known Christian evangelist, but it wasn’t always this way for him. When he was born, his father walked out of the room and his mother screamed for him to be taken away from her. Bullying in schools can be devastating for children – imagine what he went through. He grew up knowing what depression was like, so much so that he attempted suicide at the age of 10. He grew up thinking he was useless, that he would never be able to do any of the things other people could do … that there was no purpose to his life. But things are different for Nick Vujicic today. He has a loving family around him and also a wife and four children … and, yes, carers to help him during his speaking engagements. But none of this would have happened had Nick not given his life to God. He put his full trust in God and now he motivates people all over the world with his courageous spirit and wonderful sense of humour. If people, with disabilities or not, feel undermined by his work, then they have missed his (God’s) message. We may not all become famous evangelists, but we can lift others around us, inspire them and bring them the joy of laughter. Here, Father Ramon U. Merino explains where Nick’s hope (and our hope) comes from.


  2. blindzanygirl says:

    It doesn’t work like this for everybody and it is no reflection on my faith that it hasn’t worked out this way for me. Or of my giving of my life over to God.

    For me


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